TurkPrinting.com Membership Agreement

Thank you for choosing our printing portal site www.TurkPrinting.com. We use the membership system in order to be able to know our valuable visits, to answer your needs in a short time and to communicate a realistic publication. For this reason, you have to fulfill the following conditions to become a member and become a member in order to use certain parts of TurkPrinting.com. We would like to welcome you to the TurkPrinting.com family by stating that you will live in a short period of time the advantages of the membership system.

1. The Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACT), "Erek Basım Yayın Dağ. Ltd Şti. "(Hereinafter referred to as TurkPrinting.com),All private and legal persons and institutions (hereafter referred to as USER or MEMBER) who take part in the purchase or sale of products at www.TurkPrinting.com operated by TURKPrinting.com. The member and TurkPrinting.com have been accepted at member registration stage.

2. Your membership at www.TurkPrinting.com will become active after you complete the "membership form" completely. The USER undertakes the accuracy of the information transmitted to the form.  When entering information into the membership application form, it is mandatory that the required particulars in the information form are filled in a complete, accurate and clear manner.

3. Users undertake in advance that the present AGREEMENT reads in its entirety, fully understands the content and acknowledges and approves of all its articles unconditionally.

4. Because this membership relationship is in a virtual environment, the completion of the user's application for membership and the application are made at the same level, with acceptance by TurkPrinting.com. Mutual rights and obligations shall enter into force upon the acceptance of the application.

5. TurkPrinting.com has the right to unilaterally change or amend the AGREEMENT. TurkPrinting.com may modify the purpose, form and procedures, features, structure, functions, content, services, and use of the TurkPrinting.com website without prior notice or without the permission of any person. TurkPrinting.com may request information and documents from you. It can abort the website, suspend its operation.  it may prevent you from using your website. TurkPrinting.com shall not be liable for technical problems or for problems arising from actions or transactions of third parties or for any obligatory reasons.

6. USERS can use their own customized pages and foreground areas to promote their products at www.TurkPrinting.com. Our members who prefer this kind of services are obliged to pay the related fees. It is the USER's responsibility to keep the user information required by the legislation updated, accurate and accurate in the areas allocated to USERS.

7. Unless otherwise specified, TurkPrinting.com will calculate and collect the fees to be paid for services / services that are to be paid in Turkish Liras. USERS, all bank commissions, taxes, stamps, fees, etc., that can be derived from the purchase / sale from the trade they have made via TurkPrinting.com. accept and declare payment to the relevant institutions. TurkPrinting.com will how the website will be used by users, how users will communicate with each other,  what kind of transactions can be done, how to do these transactions, what functions the web site will perform, determine the scope and quality of content, to set the conditions and limits for the transactions to be made through the website, to cancel them at any time and at any time, change, is solely authorized to take all necessary precautions to operate the website. The USER has accepted this authority of TurkPrinting.com and has committed to.

8. www.TurkPrinting.com may not be used for political or other purposes. TurkPrinting.com removes from the membership any user who performs fraudulent, political or religious purposes, misrepresentation or misrepresentation on the website. These users may export from membership temporarily or indefinitely without prior notice.

9. No advertisement can be made in the nature of an attack against personality rights which are against the law and do not conform to the principle of general morality. If, according to the law, www.TurkPrinting.com is used as an act of crime, when a request is made by the legal authorities, information about this USER or USER will be given where required.

10. TurkPrinting.com has the right and the authority to terminate the membership of the USERS which it wishes without declaring any reason.

11. Membership information of www.TurkPrinting.com canceled or canceled in accordance with the contractual terms will be kept by TurkPrinting.com.

12. Apart from the users who are not in compliance with the contract and are thrown from membership; USERS who cancel their membership may renew their membership by contacting TurkPrinting.com user support line.

13. TurkPrinting.com, despite all good intentions and efforts; the consequences of attacks on the database, the infiltration of membership data by malicious people, we do not accept any liability for consequences that may arise in the event of their malicious use.

14. The aim of www.TurkPrinting.com is to provide a 24-hour virtual printing market service where everyone can advertise. Both the supply of service and www.turkPrinting.com can not be held liable for the advertisements of members. In any transaction between USERS, TurkPrinting.com does not bear any legal responsibility except for special agreements that are parties to itself.

15.Portal, name or trademark rights can not be used in the form of rape.No matter what its application is, it can not be used to create unfair competition in the portal. USER can not use portals for creating unfair competition, harming other members, forcing opponents into difficult situations, for money laundering, or for illegal, illegal, immoral goods and services operations. The USER declares, agrees and undertakes that every transaction to be made through the website shall be in compliance with all applicable legislation, including the provisions on import, export, customs, exchange, standards set forth by the relevant legal order, take all necessary permits and licenses, and shall not act contrary to the law .

16. Copyrights and rights of works shall not be infringed on any use or software. Every kind of copyright and human rights responsibility belongs to the member. TurkPrinting.com can not be held responsible for this. The Member expresses, accepts and undertakes not to violate the rights of intellectual property of TurkPrinting.com and other third parties, to not use, copy, not to register these patents, or to infringe these rights. The member can only use the website for his / her needs.

17. Members, by approving this contract; Because TurkPrinting.com does not have any direct or indirect connection with the transactions made through www.TurkPrinting.com; Users acknowledge that TurkPrinting.com and its employees will not be held responsible for any disputes that may arise from the transactions at www.TurkPrinting.com and any claims, claims or damages statements that may arise from these disputes. TurkPrinting.com only guarantees that the other members of the system believe that they are actually there, and that, therefore, they are not fictitious. TurkPrinting.com can not be held responsible for any relationship between the Member and other members. TurkPrinting.com does not in any way guarantee that the other members will contract with the USER, that they are well-off, that the performance of their obligations, the performance of their debts, the correctness of their statements, their competence to act, TurkPrinting.com is completely unfamiliar with the legal implications of the USER, and has no responsibility for them. The entire liability belongs to the USER.

18. Apart from the control of TurkPrinting.com, there can be many problems with internet usage (electricity interruption, hardware problems, infrastructure problems, natural disasters, etc.). For these and other reasons, TurkPrinting.com can not guarantee or undertake that it will provide uninterrupted, uninterrupted and secure service in any way. TurkPrinting.com offers the use of its website as it is. There is no commitment to ensure that the system operates seamlessly or meets certain criteria and requirements. Therefore, TurkPrinting.com has no liability against USERS, except as expressly committed under this Agreement. The USER shall not be entitled to any claim from TurkPrinting.com for any violation of the contract and / or claims by him or third parties, or for any other reason.

19. TurkPrinting.com and USER are legally independent entities. There is no business partnership and / or employee / employer relationship between these two independent parties.

20. TurkPrinting.com may send notices, notices and notices to Members through electronic communication channels (e-mail, etc.), as well as legal notices, under this contract. Notifications made in this way give rise to all the consequences of a valid notification.

21. There is no time for this contract. Each of the parties has the right to terminate the contract at any time by giving written notice. However, until the notice of termination is received by TurkPrinting.com, TurkPrinting.com's receivables arising from services purchased from TurkPrinting.com must be paid in full. There is no refund from prepaid membership services.

22. This Contract is subject to Turkish law. "Ankara" courts and executive offices are exclusively empowered in the disputes arising out of the contractual agreement between the parties. In these disputes, the books and records of TurkPrinting.com will be the only definite evidence. The parties agree that the computer output and sound recordings received by TurkPrinting.com, which are transmitted electronically and via the website, by the call center / telesales, will also be considered as evidence.

This membership contract, consisting of twenty-two (22) items, is binding on the parties in the same frame of general principles.